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Product Overview

Pursuit is cutting edge recruitment management software solution for consultants and Recruitment agencies. It was developed working alongside an existing client who was running a successful recruitment company yet felt that no existing recruitment product on the market ticked all the boxes for them.

Utilising the latest .Net technologies from Microsoft, Pursuit takes care of the entire process of placements, whether permanent vacancies, temporary or contract bookings, right through to payroll and billing.

Pursuit allows traceability by auditing and linking all data throughout the complete process, from an invoice, view the timesheet used to create it; from the timesheet view the bookings; from the booking view the applicant, client, and shift and pay rate data.

Naturally, with the links into Sage Payroll and Accounts, you only need to input any data once saving you time and reducing the risk of error. Pursuit really allows you to get on with running your business, knowing that the attention to detail for administration is in hand.

pursuit features

-CRM module is an integral part of Pursuit – tasks, calendar items and notes tagged throughout system.

-A user-friendly interface and customisable features that make Pursuit the perfect recruitment software choice and complete recruitment solution for agencies in a busy demand-led environment.

-Flexible reporting and holiday entitlement calculations pre-built into the system.


“As a business, we have survived and prospered entirely on quality of service – and Pursuit has played a key role in helping us deliver that.” – Kidstaff

“The benefit to our business since implementing Pursuit has been invaluable. From entering booking information onto the system, the applicants are paid, the invoice is raised promptly and accurately – all this minimizes paperwork and saves us an immense amount of time each week.” – Jubilee